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Rabbit Vibrators Info

Perfect Jewel™ - Red


Clear Snowbird

Perfect Jewel - Red-smThe Perfect Jewel™ is compact for the perfect fit. This pearl like vibrator is water...


Clear Snowbird-smYou have been asking for excitement and Nasswalk has answered with the Clear Snowbird. The...





Lucid Dream™ #32


Lucid Dream™ #48

Lucid Dream 32-sm Lucid Dreams™ the wildest abstract, wickedly erotic new collection from Doc Johnson....



Lucid Dream48-smLucid Dreams™ the wildest abstract, wickedly erotic new collection from Doc Johnson....





Girl's Best friend™ Generous G-Spot™


Waterproof Triple Treat Lady Bug - Lavender

Girl's Best friend Generous G-Spot-smNow you will be proudly introduced to the Girl's Best Friend™, it is a silicon, wate...



Waterproof Triple Treat Lady Bug - Lavender-smThis two speed vibrator has clockwise and counter clockwise rotation with an on/off contro...





Waterproof Orbital Rabbit - Pink


Waterproof Action Packed G™

Waterproof Orbital Rabbit - Pink-smWith all this spin, plus vibration and flutter you'll be rockin' and rollin' then meltin' ...



Waterproof Action Packed G-smThis totally waterproof Thumping Seahorse™ will keep you riding with its dual-motor ...





Rechargeable Jack Rabbit®


Water Play™

Rechargeable Jack Rabbi-smThe Rechargeable Jack Rabbit® explains itself! It has unlimited power with a recharge...



Water Play-smThis is the turbo powered intense stimulator, it is water proof for fun in and out of the ...





Waterproof Thumping Bunny™


Haven's Rotating G-Spot Vibe - Pink

Waterproof Thumping Bunny-smThis powerful multi-speed vibrator is good for fun in and out of the water. It is pearlize...



Havens Rotating G-Spot Vibe - Pink-smLove yourself with dual pleasure… rotation and vibration! With its curved tip it feel grea...




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