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Rabbit Vibrators Info

Rabbit vibrators is a term that has become synonymous with sex toys that are designed to stimulate both inner and out sexual organs. The original rabbit vibrator became one of the most re-bought sex toys for women, and sex toys manufacturers quickly realized that dual stimulation is one of the main things that women enjoy, and therefore will purchase more than most other dildos and vibrators.

With the success of the original jack rabbit vibrator many variations have been developed. It is common to find dancing dolphins, vibrating bears, and many other shapes used to stimulate the outer labia and clitoris while another dildo shaft is typically inserted into the vaginal for internal sensations.

Rabbit vibrator is a term that describes a wide variety of multi sensation vibrators, and not all of them necessarily have a rabbit ear design.

There are also many variations in other areas of the vibrators that are commonly called the general term “rabbit vibrators”. Most have controls that allow control of vibration intensity for the outer vibrator, and most have a separate control that gives you the ability ti independently adjust the stimulation of the inner action.

Some rabbit style vibrators have a simple vibrating shaft for inner stimulation, but most have advanced functions such as a rotating head, or thrusting head. Some also offer spinning beads in the middle of the shaft that will stimulate the vaginal opening while in use.

There are many more options that have been incorporated into the new rabbit style vibrators, some include features such glowing lights, rechargeable batteries, waterproof designs, audio fantasies, strap on compatibility, and more.

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