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Rabbit Vibrators Info

Elite 7X™ Waterproof Ultimate Orgasm™


Clitapatra Twister Vibe

Elite_7X_Waterproof_Ultimate_Orgasm1911This powerful pleasure tool has 7 levels of vibration, pulsation & escalation as well as a rotating head & synchronous pleasure beads.


Clitapatra_Twister_Vibe1906Push button action control switches for multiple variations of vibrations and rotations.




Decadent Indulgence Vibe


Decadent Indulgence 2

Decadent_Indulgence_Vibe1909An infinite array of vibrating patterns! Three independent functions of shaft rotation


Decadent_Indulgence_21908Over 300 functions! Non-jamming metal beads, glowing buttons on digital display.




Gyrating Wild Stallion


Cyclone™ Pink

Gyrating_Wild_Stallion1912Take a ride on the wild side with this vibrating stallion head and darting tongue


Cyclone_Pink1907Equipped with a "Twirling" Orgasmic Head! Metal beads housed in the penis head allow penis...




Beyond 2000 GX4 Purple Vibe


Impulse™ Gyrating Beaded Dolphin

Beyond_2000_GX4_Purple_Vibe1905The GX4 has flat screen readout technology. Simply scroll through the different setting


Pearl_Butterfly_Vibe1874Gyrating head with soft jelly shaft 5". 40 rotating heavy duty metal beads. Soft pliable




Devinn Lane’s Thrusting Dragonfly™


Jesse’s Mood-Light Jewel Arouser™

Devinn_LaneAEs_Thrusting_Dragonfly191Jelly soft head with Unique Thrusting Action! 42 Non-jamming, synchronized metal beads.


Jesse_s_Mood_Light_Silicone_Arouser1747Soft-tip rotating head. Rotating, synchronous, non-jamming beads. Powerful, vibrating




Totally Blissful™


Mary Mermaid Red

Totally BlissfulExperience infinite orgasms with Totally Blissful™. The EZ grip controller gives you...


Mary Mermaid Red-smLet yourself be pampered all over and everywhere! You will be intensely caressed by the po...




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