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Rabbit Vibrators Info

Thumbs Up Vibe


Thunder Bird

Thumbs_Up_Vibe1925Exhilarating rotating shaft hidden beneath the outer casing takes you where no man has


Thunder_Bird1926Soar to new heights while the Thunder Bird exposes your passions & pleases your pleasure




Translucent Butterfly


Ultimate Beaver

Translucent_Butterfly1927Soft, sensual, exquisitely detailed jelly penis, with powerful rotating pearl beaded shaft


Ultimate_Beaver1928Powerful, dual control, multi-speed, that you have all seen before. How about one that




Ultra Tech 3000™


Xtreme Quad Twister Vibe Lilac

Ultra_Tech_3000O1880Reversible twisting pleasure! Dual, rotating pleasure pearls housed in it's interior for


Xtreme_Quad_Twister_Vibe_Lilac1930The multi-function controller has unlimited combinations of vibrating, rotating, pulsating & escalating patterns.




Huster® My First Beaver Vibe


Girly Pearly Rotating Vibe Pink

Husterr_My_First_Beaver_Vibe_smDual Action! Large beads rotate inside the shaft for sexy stimulation while the horny


Girly_Pearly_Rotating_Vibe_Pink_smPearls are a girl's best friend!
A petite version of the classic pearly pleaser.




Toys For Play 8 - Cindy's Triple Climaxer


Bunny Pearl Vibrator Purple

Toys_For_Play_8_-_Cindy_s_Triple_Climaxer_smCindy's Triple Climaxer has 3 cuddly clit creatures. Choose your erotic adventure


Bunny_Pearl_Vibrator_Purple_smThis bunny will send you into the throws of ecstasy! Multi-speed vibrations, twisting




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